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Contact address:

ZPRE "Jedlicze" Sp. z o.o.
ul. Kurkowskiego 86
38-460 Jedlicze



Head Office:
+48 13 4375305

Marketing and Sales Director:
Zbigniew Leniowski
+48 13 4375316

Marketing Department :

Steel Constructions Section
+48 13 4375320
+48 13 4375326

Electrical Devices Section:
+48 13 4375337

Repairs and Services of
Electrical Machines Section
+48 13 4375318
+48 13 4375301

Purchasing Department:
+48 13 4375331
+48 13 4375332



+48 13 4375304


Registration documents:
ZPRE "Jedlicze" Sp. z o.o.
Share capital: 4.300.000 zł
Tax ID: 684-22-05-591
KRS: 0000080599
District Court in Rzeszów
XII Economic Department
of the National Court Register


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The history of ZPRE „JEDLICZE” Sp. z o. o. begins in the year 1926 when we started operations as gas-fired power plant, producing power for local needs.

Today we are a modern enterprise specializing in repairs and overhauls as well as maintenance services of electrical machinery and devices, especially of low and medium voltage, manufacture of electrical apparatus intended for remote control in control in contact systems of railway and tram lines and line traps designed for HF connections of carrier telephony on power lines.

We also fabricate various steel constructions/steelworks especially poles and towers for power industry as well as towers and masts for telecommunication sector.

Our rich tradition formed generations of highly qualified employees.

The business offer we have pleasure to present, the manufacturing and organizational potential, qualifications and experience are only some of our assets on which we can build more.

We are open to any form of cooperation, starting even from some minor services or making parts in cooperation, to comprehensive implementation of large projects within our business sector.

We would be grateful for any remarks or suggestions (via the form on „Contact”), which could help us better meet the expectations and customize our products and services to the needs of our present and prospective business partners.


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ZPRE "JEDLICZE" Sp. o.o. was awarded the prestigious title of "CREATOR of ENTERPRISES in Krosno County" in the annual "Golden Hundred - Ranking of companies from Podkarpacie region, edition of 2016 year”, presenting the largest companies from south-eastern region of Poland.

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