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ZPRE "Jedlicze" Sp. z o.o.
ul. Kurkowskiego 86
38-460 Jedlicze



Head Office:
+48 13 4375305

Marketing and Sales Director:
Zbigniew Leniowski
+48 13 4375316

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Steel Constructions Section
+48 13 4375320
+48 13 4375326

Electrical Devices Section:
+48 13 4375337

Repairs and Services of
Electrical Machines Section
+48 13 4375318
+48 13 4375301

Purchasing Department:
+48 13 4375331
+48 13 4375332



+48 13 4375304


Registration documents:
ZPRE "Jedlicze" Sp. z o.o.
Share capital: 4.300.000 zł
Tax ID: 684-22-05-591
KRS: 0000080599
District Court in Rzeszów
XII Economic Department
of the National Court Register




We carry out overhauls and repairs of all types of medium voltage transformers of domestic and foreign make (dry, oil and special transformers). The scope of services we render comprises, among other thing, the following:

   • upper voltage windings replacement,
   • lower voltage windings replacement or regeneration,
   • tapping point switches replacement or regeneration,
   • mechanical repairs of cores and housings,
   • seals replacement,
   • insulators replacement,
   • transformer oil centrifuging or change,
   • radiators and radiators’ sealing replacement,
   • mechanical repairs.

The correct performance of the work is confirmed by inter-operation and final tests results, the tests being carried out in compliance with the requirements of PN-81/E-4070/01 and PN-EN 60296 standards and the internal inspection plan applicable in ZPRE "JEDLICZE" Sp. z o. o.

 We also carry out transformers revamping, including the following operations:

   • transformer voltage ratio change,
   • connection groups change,
   • insulation temperature resistance rating/class change,
   • changes of cooling intensity by using modern radiators.

We also render diagnostic and maintenance services directly at the Ordering Parties’ premises. Our "mobile" crews in service vehicles perform:

   • uninstallation and installation of transformers in the transformer station/pit,
   • sealing the transformer tanks and radiators without oil drain,
   • connection for parallel operation,
   • final measurements,
   • technical condition assessment,
   • insulation system assessment,
   • transport.

 Such wide scope of services we offer guarantees that the repair, overhaul and modernization is comprehensive and Ordering Party can be sure that the machine will work fault-free and reliably at least in the guarantee and warranty period.


   Ryszard Lubaś                                                                     
   tel. +48 13 4375318  ;  e-mail: