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ZPRE "Jedlicze" Sp. z o.o.
ul. Kurkowskiego 86
38-460 Jedlicze



Head Office:
+48 13 4375305

Marketing and Sales Director:
Zbigniew Leniowski
+48 13 4375316

Marketing Department :

Steel Constructions Section
+48 13 4375320
+48 13 4375326

Electrical Devices Section:
+48 13 4375337

Repairs and Services of
Electrical Machines Section
+48 13 4375318
+48 13 4375301

Purchasing Department:
+48 13 4375331
+48 13 4375332



+48 13 4375304


Registration documents:
ZPRE "Jedlicze" Sp. z o.o.
Share capital: 4.300.000 zł
Tax ID: 684-22-05-591
KRS: 0000080599
District Court in Rzeszów
XII Economic Department
of the National Court Register

Measuring and Test Apparatus

ZPRE "JEDLICZE" Sp. z o. o. is experienced in offering comprehensive measurement solutions. We can create a new measurement laboratory or modernize an existing one. We can carry out the whole project, from a construction and engineering design to measurement procedures start-up and giving training for the personnel.

We offer solutions comprising:

  • high-voltage  measurements,  including  testing  the  insulation equipment, operating poles/insulating sticks,
    boots, gloves, tongs etc.,

  • stands for measurement of transformers basic parameters, including insulation test, idle (no-load) condition
    test ,  operating    distance   measurement ,   breakdown   (puncture)   voltage  measurement  ,  resistivity
    measurement,  ignition  temperature  measurement,  water  content measurement and lossiness (dielectric
    loss) angle measurement.

We also supply:

  • HV testing devices for testing dielectric rubber equipment in compliance with PN-EN 60903+A11 standard of
    12th November, 1998,

  • Inspection   stands   for  testing  the  electric-insulating  mats  of  the  VSC-40  type  used  for performing  
    voltage tests, typically measuring 600 x 600 mm, using masking  frame and electrode 400 x 400 mm, mats
    measuring  750 x 750  mm (masking  frame  and  electrode 6 00 x 600 mm) or mats measuring more than
    1000 mm (masking frame and electrode od 700 x 700 mm) - in compliance with a purchase order,

  • inspection  stands  for testing  the insulating   poles/insulating  sticks of  the  VSD  type  for conducting the
    voltage tests of operating poles/insulating sticks,

  • inspection   stands   for   testing   the   equipment   for  work  on   live  units   up  to    36 kV,  intended  for
    testing immunity/resistance  to spark discharges  and protection  against bridging of the equipment intended
    to work on live units up to 36 kV,

  • drying units for drying dielectric rubber equipment,

  • wardrobes for drying footwear and clothes.


   Janusz Surma

   tel. +48 13 4375320   ;   e-mail.