We specialise in the overhaul/repairs of MV and LV rotating electrical machines:

  • AC motors (squirrel-cage and slip-ring type),
  • generators and exciters,
  • motors of special construction, including explosion-proof (EX) versions,
  • induction generators,
  • DC motors and generators.

The scope of work performed includes, but is not limited to:

  • repackaging of magnetic sheets for stators and rotors,
  • production of windings (coils),
  • stators rewinding in insulation class “F”,
  • replacement and refurbishment of rotor cages,
  • manufacture and regeneration of rotor shafts,
  • reconditioning and insulating bearing discs/shields,
  • installation of temperature sensors in stator windings and bearing assemblies/units,
  • installation of anti-condensation heaters in motor stators,
  • repairs of commutators,
  • reconditioning of slip ring heads and brush holders,
  • balancing of rotating sets/units.

The service is intended to bring about a distinct improvement in the performance of machinery and rotating equipment or to achieve the characteristics required by a Client/Principal.

Among other things, we offer:

  • refurbishments/modernisation of motor ventilation systems (noise reduction),
  • reducing losses and improving the coefficient of performance/efficiency,
  • modernisation/refurbishment of rotor cages,
  • modernisation of bearing assemblies/units, including change of bearing arrangement,
  • changes in motor parameters, including supply voltage, power, rotational speed,
  • improving the main insulation and the winding insulation,
  • adaptation of insulation systems for converter power supply,
  • prevention of moisture in motors by making a system and installing anti-condensation heaters,
  • replacement of old-generation terminal boxes with approved explosion-proof terminal boxes.

The correctness of the work performed is confirmed by the results of inter-operational and final tests carried out in accordance with the requirements of the relevant groups of standards: PN-EN 60034, PN-E-04700, PN-EN IEC 60079, ISO 10816 and internal control/inspection schedules of ZPRE “Jedlicze” Sp. z o. o.           

For detailed information on repairs, diagnostics and delivery schedules, please contact us by telephone or e-mail.

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