We specialise in making windings for installation in stators and rotors of:

  • MV and LV motors,
  • MV and LV generators

For the production of windings we mainly use:

  • winding wires of our own production in mica tape braid, glass fibre braid or braid in accordance with the requirements of a Principal/Customer,
  • insulation materials from renowned national and European suppliers.

The windings are made using the “Resin Rich” thermosetting process in the “F” or “H” insulation grades/classes.

The correctness of the work performed is confirmed by the results of inter-operational and final tests carried out in accordance with the requirements of the following standards: PN-EN 60034-1:2011, PN-E-04700.

For detailed technical and commercial information on the windings on offer, please contact our staff by telephone or e-mail:

+48 13 437 53 18 do 321
+48 661 342 700
+48 785 992 684
+48 693 478 472
+48 661 611 322
+48 607 393 718