We specialise in diagnostics and maintenance services of the following equipment:

  • MV and LV rotating electrical machines,
  • MV transformers.

As part of the diagnostic services that form the basis for planning and carrying out repairs, we offer:

  • comprehensive electrical diagnostics,
  • comprehensive vibro-acoustic diagnostics,
  • comprehensive mechanical diagnostics.

Based on the results, we carry out a range of maintenance activities including but not limited to:

  • alignment of machine units,
  • corrections to the foundations of machinery units,
  • balancing rotating systems in their own bearings,
  • adjustment and correction of plain bearing clearances/slackness,
  • air gap corrections and alignment of rotors in the magnetic field.

Our comprehensive diagnostic services include:

  • measurements of the voltage ratio and verification of the connection groups,
  • resistance measurements and insulation strength/endurance tests,
  • idle/no-load tests and measurement short-circuit tests,
  • checking the operation of the tap-changers,
  • transformer oil testing.

The work performed as part of the service includes, but is not limited to:

  • disassembly and assembly of transformers in transformer chambers,
  • sealing of tanks and heat sinks/radiators without draining the oil,
  • connection for parallel operation.
  • final measurements.

Based on the results, we carry out a range of maintenance activities which are carried out at the site of electrical machinery and equipment as well as at the Company’s repair facility.

The work is carried out by highly qualified diagnosticians using specialised equipment.

The tests and measurement evaluation criteria are carried out on the basis of the provisions of ISO 10816, PN-E-04700, PN-EN IEC 60079, PN-EN 60076, PN-81/E-4070, PN-EN 60296 standard groups and on the basis of in-house control/inspection schedule of ZPRE “Jedlicze” Sp. z o. o.

More detailed information on diagnostics, service and delivery times is available from our employees during telephone consultations or by e-mail.

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