We are a manufacturer of winding wires used in the production of windings for electrical machines and equipment/devices.

We make them of electrolytic copper in grade M1E and offer them as:

  • shaped or round,
  • insulated or non-insulated,
  • in soft or hard versions.

Types of insulation used:

  • glass yarn
  • tapes:
    • Remikaflex,
    • Nomex
    • Kalastic,
    • Kapton,
  • cable paper,
  • other, according to the requirements of a Principal/Client.

The correctness of the work performed is confirmed by the results of tests carried out in accordance with the requirements of the in-house Company Standard No. ZN-99/ZPRE-001.

More detailed information on the products on offer, are available from our employees during telephone consultations or by e-mail:

+48 13 4375318 do 321
+48 661342700
+48 785992684
+48 693478472
+48 661611322
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